Transy Google Links

Transy Google Links

Transy GMail (includes Contacts and Tasks)
Transy Calendar
Transy Drive (Google Docs and Forms)
Transy Sites (create and manage web pages)
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How to get Transy Google on your mobile device

Help and Resources

Many FAQs and tips are available on our internal help site!

Google Apps Overview video - A must-watch video under 4 minutes!
Google Apps demo - Jumps into a more detailed webinar at the 8 minute mark.
Google Apps for Education webinars - Webinars focusing on examples and uses of Google Apps for Education.
The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs - An educator's guide to using Google Drive/Docs for classroom activities.

Google Apps Documentation and Support - Official Google online help.
Navigating GMail with buttons, archiving, deleting, searching, settings.
Organizing your GMail with folders, labels, filters and stars.
Composing and sending in GMail.
Google spreadsheets - Ask an Expert - Lots of great Google spreadsheets tips.
Google Drive setup, basics and Docs, Sheets and Slides apps.
Google Drive client download - Syncs a folder on your computer with your Drive files.
Google Sites help topics.

2-Step Verification - You can use 2-Step Verification to better protect your account.
Multiple Google logins - Manage Transy and personal logins, plus save Chrome browser settings for both.
Google Apps Sync for Outlook - See how Outlook and Google can stay in sync.
Collaborative budgeting with protected Google spreadsheets - Take away your budget process pain.